Futurama Porn Story: Leela Squared Chapter 1

Futurama Porn Story: Leela Squared Chapter 1

P.S. As the two Leela’s interact and appear more often together, I’ll
distinguish them by calling them the Doctor’s Leela, and the other as Fry’s
Leela, just for simplification purposes.

Leela Squared

The year: 3015

Fry slept, and dreamed. He dreamt about his wedding day, and how Leela had
looked back then, and of the day that he had finally become more than a
simple delivery boy. He saw the day when he’d finally gotten Bender to
tone down his evilness just a little bit, which had meant that he’d stopped
worrying about finding some of his organs missing and on the black market.
He was in a good place, with friends who appreciated him for who he was,
when, all of a sudden, the dream turned darker, and Fry saw something new.
A tall man stood in the shadows, and he seemed to be saying something
important. As Fry approached, he could see that the man was gesticulating
furiously, as though what he was saying was important, a life-or-death
matter. Fry concentrated harder (something he still had difficulty with),
but he still couldn’t make out the words. At that same moment, he noticed
that giant shapes had started to form around the stranger, closing in on
him. Fry concentrated harder still; he had to know! But only one word got

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Luxurious Cammy ready for some fun

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Hentai Picture: Luxurious Cammy ready for some fun
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X-Men Porn Story: chapter 12b. Mutant Sex Carnival

X-Men Porn Story: chapter 12b. Mutant Sex Carnival

The circle was loose at first, but Jean started bringing the girls closer together as they spun, overlapping torsos with legs. She continued adjusting and tightening the ring, taking into account the varying heights, while maintaining rotational velocity, until each girls face was inches away from the pussy of the next girl up the line.

The next step was obvious even to newcomers such as Amanda and Tiffany, so all the girls started eating the pussy in front of them, while spreading their legs for the girl eating them. There was soon a neverending chain of cunnilingus spinning in the sky.

Amanda got off to a slow start on the sex, because she was a little disoriented. Being on the up side of the ring was not so bad, because all she could see was sky ahead of her when looking upward, in her direction of movement. But as she approached the top, she could see the mansion and the grounds ahead of her. She estimated she was about 40 feet up at that point. Then she essentially dived over and was moving toward the ground head first. When she reached the vertical midpoint she was facing straight down and could see Jean, plus all the guys watching them. There was a disconcerting amount of space between her and the ground, and nothing between her and it, and no visible means of support. She started breathing again when she reached the bottom of the ring and was mostly horizontal again, though now she was face up. She could again see countryide, but now she was facing away from the mansion.

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Restriction Attack Flower Kasumi

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It’s restrain bondage humping lush with Taki

Soul Calibur Porn

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Leela Turanga, Amy Wong share big cock

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Uncover the most dimple-dizzy smoochy moonshine of the precious Futurama worthies and ill-minded wizards rolling fremd and boarish feast after hosting for worldwide board… Sexually eager girl enjoys oral sex and fucks hard with her well-hung lover in front of the camera! Here is some unexpected turn of events in Futurama in shape of porn…

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Lose Control

Street Fighter Hentai Porn DoujinshiStreet Fighter Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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