[DBComix] Teen Titans Raven

Raven of “Teen Titans” might look hot (and even sexually attractive) in her canonical costume, but what makes her to look sexy for sure is a super tight latex costume with lots of laces and a gothic black gagball inside her mouth! Raven looks like the sex slave who has a very naughty villainess. Well, this is not at all what it seems as this is the theme of this hentai-themed parody comics is going to be about!

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Kakutou Himegimi

A busty beauty named Kakutou Himegimi visited an ill friend. He's suffering from an illness and needs to be treated. But Kakutou Himegimi knows how to cheer up a dude. She starts massaging his underpants and notices that the thick sausage begins to expand. Then Kakutou Himegimi takes off her top, and shows huge watermelons with pink nipples. Kakutou Himegimi then sucks a fat guy and is now ready for sexual therapy. Let's look at this immediately.

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Toon Stunners – Futurama

Busty Leela returned home after working out and had shower. After leaving the shower, Busty Leela was naked in front the mirror. Leela begins massaging her big boobs, and then she starts to caress her clit. The girl soon becomes sexy and sexy from these movements. The good thing is that she has a cute buddy with a juicy Dick. He fucks Leela in her tight cunt with a chocolate eye and removes the sexual tension from the girl. Enjoy.

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Utahime no Shouzou 3

The fans of the “Dead or Alive” series of videogames will recognize Helena Douglas as a tough and serious boss-lady. The thing that the parody genre is great for is that it lets us take a fresh view of the well-known characters. This time, you’ll see Helena as a submissive addict to humiliation and sexual pleasure, even the public ones! If you’re ready to be amazed by her, you will definitely.

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[inuyuru] Ranma Commission

Ranma can choose to sex her thighs on her own or with a man when she’s home with her own thoughts. Oh, wait! We’ll find out the third possibility from this funny parody comic. It’s evident to anyone who is a hentai fan – Ranma is capable of masturbating in futanari! It seems like it will be her most preferred choice for quite a while.

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Inmu 1

The hotties satisfy the dude. They went to his bedroom and started removing their clothes, showing off the big, firm tits and their large faces. They were left with just panties and bras, but it didn’t matter to them. The man then entered the room, took off his panties and started fucking them one at a time. The man had a huge cock, and the girls had huge tits. They shouted and groaned with joy.

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The Last Jizzbender – Book Hard-core 2

The second chapter of Book Of Hard-Core will provide more information about the very special techniques Suki and her companion will employ to increase Aang’s power. The other characters will not be bored, which will make it interesting for Sokka-Toph fans… and everyone who is a fan of hentai parodies in comic format.

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Toph-Heavy Part 2

This comcis will provide the truth about who will be the most dominant Azula or Toph when they battle one-on-1. However, we have to warn you that these chicks don't care for any fighting whatsoever – their rivalry will take place at a different scale… and the weapon they'll be using will be the hige tits against the futanari cock!

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The Chun-Li Spring Book

Today’s street fight will be Chun Li versus C Viper. Yet this time they won’t be punching and kicking each other since today their battle will be completely different. today they will be fighting to get the attention of a guy with big and hard cock! The winner is one who gets him to take on more cumes. But you can always decide who you want to win!

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Psycho Nymphos (X-Men , Spider-Man) [Tracy Scops] – 2

New portion of an amazing visual and exciting art from Tracy Scops will bring you back into the world of the most sexy superheores and the world of Marvel Comics! And where in this world there are a lot of hot girls who sport high-quality latex costumes and display some incredible skills? Only in the group of X-men, obviously! We really hope you're a redhead!

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