Hentaimanga of the dead

If you’ve been worried about the group of principal characters from the “Highschool of the Dead” animeseries then this parody comics will let you unwind a bit because in our version of the story, all these brainless hordes are not seeking out brains or even flesh They are seeking big tits and wet pussies! As you can see, the primary characters consist of both.

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Danchizuma no Yuuwaku

Two gorgeous, and attractive, beautiful, blonde girls in one comic — this is the most coveted hentai comics fan’s fantasy! If you’re a lover of SoulCalibur you’ll get more enjoyment from it than anybody else! That is unless you don’t want to witness Cassandra’s transformation into an absolute sexual slut, of course…

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Fallen Angels [milk hall] [Soul Calibur]

Certain girls are less scared of taking on battles in videogames than when they engage in sexual relationships. Cassandra is one of these girls. But you can be sure that she’ll conquer her anxiety by the end of this comic. With some help from herbig sister (and some of the hottest dudes) she’ll be looking forward to getting hard fucked, and being sexy!

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Spring Break

Although it is a fun and hot time of the year, if you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by DOA hotties, this could turn into the most exciting and hot moment of your life… or one of the most hilarious hentai parody comics you have ever read! This is why we have a an beach resort, and two sweet cuties Lei Fang and Hitomi looking for some fun and active entertainment…

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Master of the martial arts? It is sometimes apparent that the ladies chosen for “Dead or Alive”, are chosen based on their boobies or other body curves. And to be honest we don’t have anything against such technique since it presents us with an array of hentai-themed parodies! And while reading this comics you will enjoy the hottest action scenes starring Ayane, Tina Armstrong and Lei Fang!

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[peach fox (Kira Hiroyoshi)] Shunka Junrei (Street Fighter) [English]

While Chun Li is a tough stree fighter, she is also a beautiful asian girl with good bodycurves. This is precisely what is going to occur in this hentaip!rody comics! But, before you get started to look at it, it is important be aware that tender care does not mean the same as proper care (if that’s what you believe).

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Oshaburi Mansion

A new competition will be heldwhere the top female fighters will be competing. They won’t have to demonstrate their martial arts expertise. They will need to display another type of talent: the ability to make huge hard cocks and the point of being cum. Dialogs are spoken in Japanese however there aren’t that many, and most times you’ll be watching hardcore sex videos featuring your favorite videogame charactersanyway!

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[Drawn-Sex] Futurama

All fans of “Futurama” series will know the fact that Amy Wong is one very hot gal, but at times she becomes so horny that she even finds the old Professor sexually attractive: she strips down for him and let him to do all the things that she was dreaming about for avery very long time! Does that sound like a lot of work? Never underestimate the technological advancements of the future!

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Planet Sexpress

Leela Turanga’s delivery mission may become a wild sex orgy after one of her crew members is exposedto strange atmospheres in distant planets. Yet what is done is done and now our heroes need to be concerned about not dying because of exhaustion total… and not letting somone to reveal their failings!

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(Tracy Scops) Alx – House of – Juggerslt (Savage Avengers)

These opportunities come every once in a while and you can be sure that supervillain Juggernaut will not overlook it. When famed and powerful (and sexy looking!) Illyana Rasputinaaka Magik is asking for his assistance and will offer anything that he would like in exchange for our villain chooses to take the blonde mutantherself! He wants to fuck her long and tough!

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